Kava mornings.

16 days ago I made a trip to Yunnan province to stay in a city named Dali to enjoy a music festival and, as it became by the end, the sun.
Hopped on a 25-hour train with some new roommates who were also self-proclaimed tour guides; filling in the gaps of all the red earth as we passed it. I brought along the goji berries.
Arrived. Road BBQ. Hostel. Met some friends who threw us in their van and lit us up to drop us off at a fake old town that I suppose could be a real town but for no one lives there.
After the festival and the sun and the people I got on a plane back to Guangzhou and work.
A quick ticket and 9 days later I am in Hawai'i, enjoying the sun and the kava and the conversations.
Being far from the busy city does wonders for your soul.
I'm sleeping on a volcano; complimented with jet lag.
If shit goes off, I'll be having sweet dreams.

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