On Honolulu.

Waikiki is wild.
All sorts of people you're not sure you'd have met if not for the sun and the beaches and the materialism and the air.
Spending my days/nights in a single studio apt. a few blocks from the beach, filling my skin with vitamin D; enough to bring back and sell on the side. 
Discussions and time spent with a special triangle of older women; wise and wonderful, they're always trying to teach me something in between Bill Hicks albums or nuke threats from North Korea. There's love all around. And I'm glad I can attend with these soft, yet fiery energies and even add to the already breathtaking sense of community. 
It's so easy here.
I'll head to UofH shortly and mosey around campus.
Heading back to GZ tomorrow after a few well-needed breaths.


So where are we?

Someone told me not to think so much before they sank all of the billiard balls.
Later I played chess and lost.


Kava mornings.

16 days ago I made a trip to Yunnan province to stay in a city named Dali to enjoy a music festival and, as it became by the end, the sun.
Hopped on a 25-hour train with some new roommates who were also self-proclaimed tour guides; filling in the gaps of all the red earth as we passed it. I brought along the goji berries.
Arrived. Road BBQ. Hostel. Met some friends who threw us in their van and lit us up to drop us off at a fake old town that I suppose could be a real town but for no one lives there.
After the festival and the sun and the people I got on a plane back to Guangzhou and work.
A quick ticket and 9 days later I am in Hawai'i, enjoying the sun and the kava and the conversations.
Being far from the busy city does wonders for your soul.
I'm sleeping on a volcano; complimented with jet lag.
If shit goes off, I'll be having sweet dreams.