Alright, let's see if I can't manage a new post...

Visas finally finished up. We had to wait for about one month for it to happen before we could begin working. Upon their finishing, we went to Shenzhen to do our training (again, this time with Visas) for one week before arriving back in Guangzhou (GZ, for short) to begin working. Yesterday I had my first day.
It's a pretty amazing thing to work for a company you can actually get behind. A very different set-up from the school in Japan. Many usual ESL school problems are solved, and the structure and layout of the curriculum is strides ahead of any other school I've seen thus far.
It's a weird thing, to actually enjoy not only your job but the company as well. Very strange.
It's nice to have complaints keeping distance from your mind, though.

I'm going to see 'Shining' this Friday. It turns out they're playing at a hotel here in this city.
My brain nearly erupted upon hearing this.

I really do love this place.


"Let's stop for a moment and talk about how awesome our lives are:
At which point in our lives in Canada could we have been unemployed yet still living in the most posh apartment we've ever seen, making our way successfully across an entire city to party at a hidden bar where we can listen to a live band playing this mixture of funk/reggae/jazz, and order an ENTIRE BOTTLE of GIN!"
-kaare iverson
(after half a bottle of said gin at said hidden bar)